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Air Analysis, the innovator of the commissioning process, has continued to develop their approach for over 15 years, which has allowed them to remain on top.

AAI provides not just a commissioning document with page upon page of data, but a completely interactive commissioning system that proves invaluable to anyone associated with the project. AAI's interactive commissioning system saves time and effort in providing instant accessibility to as-built drawings with up-to-date room numbers, equipment locations, thermostat locations, and equipment identification. Along with all the typical data included in commissioning reports (current test and balance data, equipment submittals, system descriptions, controls sequences, etc.), AAI provides maintenance personnel and project managers alike instant access to a complete picture of the building mechanical system that can be stored on any PC, laptop, or palm pilot with non-proprietary software.

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The Commissioning Solution:

Our skills, personnel, and technical expertise are unique among all commissioning authorities. We will provide you with a superior level of service. Our process coordinates the following, traditionally separate functions, to deliver a properly performing building.

Test And Balance

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