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Company Overview

Established in 1987, Air Analysis of Atlanta, Incorporated (AAI) is a nationally certified, independent commissioning and test and balance firm. Our team has over 165 years of combined experience in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry. Thirty-six years of this experience has been directly related to test and balance and building systems commissioning. We hold national certifications in the fields of test and balance and commissioning. Our organization has gained recognition for integrity and superior quality of work. Our dedication to excellence is not only recognized in the architectural / engineering / construction community but more importantly by building owners and managers.

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Company Certifications


The primary mission at Air Analysis of Atlanta is to deliver a functional building to our clients. AAI believes that quality of work and technical expertise is the issue and on that our reputation speaks for itself. We are usually specified as single source providers by engineering firms such as Nottingham Brook & Pennington, Heery, and Harvey Toub Engineering, Emory University, Lucent Technologies and BellSouth have designated AAI as the sole provider for test and balance services for all their properties. We are also the preferred provider for managed properties of Carter & Associates, Franklin Properties and Pinnacle Realty Management. Our commissioning experience includes work for owners such as Emory University, Auburn University, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Georgia Department of Health and Human Services, J. C. Penney Co., Georgia Building Authority and the Federal Aviation Administration.

Emory University uses AAI to perform test and balance services on every new building and major renovation on their campus. The Life Sciences building at Emory involved over 200 air monitor tracking units in approximately 100 laboratories. AAI has provided ongoing test and balance services for Yerkes Primate Center including AAALAC certification of the laboratory areas. We were also selected to perform the test and balance services for the Centers for Disease Control’s 20-year "Master Plan for Maintenance".

We are a unique entity in the world of test and balance and commissioning in that we utilize our vast HVAC experience in solving problematic building operational issues. We are frequently called on by building owners, architectural/engineering firms and mechanical contractors to assist, identify and recommend solutions. We take pride in our role as consultants as well as test and balance / commissioning agents. Our goal is to make the entire test and balance and commissioning process work more efficiently for all involved and ultimately deliver a quality product to the owner.

Our technical expertise is proven, but we go well beyond this expertise. One of our strengths is the hands-on application experience to resolve your problems at the field level. We take pride not only in our engineering strength but also in our ability to find and resolve problems.

We believe that we are the only commissioning firm with the practical ability and technical expertise to perform the kind of services that we apply to every project. Our reputation supports our philosophy of helping to deliver quality buildings to our clients.

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